Protection of personal data

By collaborating with AA Data Box SRL (link) and through the partnership with Adriana Ceaușescu, information security expert, we provide our clients with a complete package of specialised consulting services in the field of personal data protection to ensure their compliance with all GDPR requirements, both from a legal and technical perspective.


Alis Patlageanu

Alis Patlageanu

Founder & Partner

Alis Pătlăgeanu and Laura Popescu are the two lawyers in our team certified as Data Protection Officer (DPO) and who, together with Adriana Ceaușescu, provide the necessary legal and technical support for the outsourcing of DPO services, but also for carrying out mandatory internal assessments:

  • management and documentation of security breaches, both from a legal and technical perspective.
  • data protection impact assessment (DPIA or Data Protection Impact Assessment)
  • legitimate interest analysis (LIA or Legitimate Interest Assessment) in special cases of processing where this is mandatory (for example, before the implementation of monitoring measures by means of video surveillance) 

We represent clients both in the relationship with the supervisory authority when this is necessary (for example, in the procedure for drawing up and sending the notification regarding the breach of data security, in the procedure for consulting the authority prior to the start of certain types of data processing), and in courts in the appeals against the sanctioning minutes / other administrative documents issued by ANSPDCP etc.