We are part of our customers' team!

Both as strategic support in times of growth and support in times of crisis.


in identifying the essential legal issue in each case, in establishing achievable goals together with the client and in implementing the correct strategy to achieve them


in finding simple legal solutions in complicated cases


in approaching unexplored areas of law and solving atypical legal problems

Who are we?

Our team, our vision

In a field often perceived as arid, we have combined experience, creativity and determination to shape unique legal solutions tailored to each individual case, from an amalgam of ingredients – factual situations (often complicated), laws (sometimes incomplete or unclear) and, most importantly, the rights and interests belonging to the client.

We have brought together the theory, experience and ingenuity of the entire team to successfully represent clients’ interests and defend their rights in commercial disputes, administrative litigation, as well as in the sphere of public procurement and grants.

We have always been with our clients throughout their journey, whether they needed legal support in turning some ideas into business or a partner to offer them permanent advice in their current activity.

Alis Patlageanu

Alis Pătlăgeanu

Founder & Partener

Our services

Our areas of expertise


Outsourced legal department – is the short description, but it faithfully captures what our team represents for the clients to whom we provide permanent legal assistance.

Grant funds

The services we offer to our clients are supported by the experience gained in the implementation of a significant number of projects financed by European funds, with both public and private entities as beneficiaries.


We provide legal assistance both in the pre-litigation stage and in negotiations aimed at avoiding litigation, as well as in the litigious stage, before courts or arbitration courts of any level.

Public procurement

The experience in this field was gained over more than 15 years in which I provided advice to clients – both public entities and private economic operators, with whom I was in their endeavors.


Alis Pătlăgeanu and Laura Popescu are the two lawyers in our team who have the certification of persons responsible for the protection of personal data (DPO) and who, together with Adriana Ceaușescu, provide the necessary legal and technical support for the outsourcing of DPO services, but also for carrying out mandatory internal assessments.

Areas of M&A expertise

The team of lawyers has acquired a wealth of experience in providing legal assistance in this type of projects, having over time acted as a consultant and advisor to either the seller or the buyer, in all the stages involved in such a transaction.