Experience in the field

Outsourced legal department – that is a short description which faithfully captures what our team represents for the clients to whom we provide permanent legal assistance.
We are a “legal department” made up of senior lawyers, who have faced in more than 10 years of experience each of them with a variety of legal problems inherent in the life of a commercial company. We have to admit that nothing in the existence of a commercial company is foreign to us:

Alis Patlageanu

Alis Patlageanu

Fondator & Partener

The services provided in this field for our private clients, we provide all types of legal services necessary during the awarding procedures, such as:

Corporate Law

assistance and legal advice in relation to problems specific to the organization and operation of the company, such as:
the establishment of commercial companies, regardless of the form of organization;
consultancy in the current activity: convening and organizing general meetings of associates/shareholders, appointment/revocation of administrators, directors, opening/dissolution of branches, subsidiaries, work points, amendment of articles of association, increases and reductions of the share capital, assignment of shares, representation before the Trade Register for the registration of statutory changes, etc;
reorganization and liquidation of commercial companies: merger, division and dissolution of commercial companies (with or without liquidation), deletion.

Contract Law

drafting the contracts concluded by the Company, analysis and formulating observations related to the contracts proposed by the Company's contractual partners, assisting in the negotiation of the clauses of these contracts;
drafting and supporting commercial actions and appeals against court decisions;
debt recovery etc.

Labor Law

legal advice on the employment contracts concluded by the Company and on any aspects related to labor law; assistance in relation to the restructuring of the company's activity with an impact on the employed personnel following transactions;
merger and division procedures;
reorganization and layoffs collective, as well as the transfer of the company, etc.

Administrative Law

legal assistance in the relationship with the public authorities with attributions in the Company's field of activity; assistance within or in connection with obtaining/modifying/renewing the authorizations and licenses necessary to carry out the Company's activity; representation before administrative litigation courts in disputes having as object contesting documents issued by administrative, fiscal authorities, etc.

Real Estate Law

assistance and legal advice in relation to property rights and other real rights;
representation before the competent authorities (OCPI); assistance in transactions, etc.

Intellectual Property

legal assistance in registering brands and geographical indications, etc. legal assistance in concluding brand license contracts; assistance and representation in the relationship with OSIM, etc.